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Taking a Look at the Advantages of a BB Cushion Compact

Lots of people might not be familiar with beauty products from South Korea such as the BB cushion. In fact, it has established itself in the past few years. Here are the reasons why it has become a game-changer for beauty enthusiasts.

A fusion of skincare and makeup

As it does not just cover the skin, it is considered a combination of makeup and skincare in one. The compact houses the formula soaked in a sponge, which provides sheer coverage and skincare advantages, which include hydration, sunscreen, and anti-aging ingredients.

More than just normal foundation

This product looks natural with its liquid formula, but it is easier to travel with it compared with heavy glass bottles. As it can hydrate skin and give it a luminous glow, it is perfect to fit inside women’s bags for touch ups throughout the day. These are already formulated with sunscreen, so you can reapply over the make up to get protection for the whole day.

The cushion in an integral to the formula’s performance

This material transforms the liquid formula, making it a lighter emulsion. This makes the foundation formula lighter and it delivers less product in every dab. Thus, it is so possible to cake the stuff on. This is due to the same base material that it came from and was used in ancient Asian seal and stamp practices, preserving and maintaining liquid emulsion in the optimal state.

Sponge doesn’t get gross, going back and forth between the compact and your face

Many of the sponges that go with the product are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. This means that there is a low risk of bacteria being transferred from one place to another. this is indicative of the blue applicator sponges that are made of rubycell technology, proof of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

No need to use fingers to apply cushion

The applicator sponge already provides the right amount of foundation, giving you an airbrush-like coverage. Therefore, if you use other materials to apply the cushion, you may not have the same seamless effect.

  • January 10, 2017