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Eriodictyon californicum: What Is It and What Are Its Skincare Benefits?

Eriodictyon californicum is a species of plant that falls under the Boraginaceae family and grows abundantly in California, Oregon, and New Mexico.

Its common name, yerba santa (which means “holy plant”), was given to it by Spanish priests who were impressed by the plant’s multiple uses in medicine.

Appearance and Historical Use

Yerba santa is a shrub that can grow between two to eight feet (or one to three meters) tall. It can be easily identified because of its sticky branches and leaves (which are coated with a type of resin) as well as its five-petaled flowers with a fluted shape. 

The plant was historically used by Native Americans for a wide range of medicinal purposes. The Chumash people, for instance, use yerba santa as a poultice to treat sores, wounds, and insect bites.

Other people use it for respiratory issues including coughs, colds, asthma, and chronic bronchitis because of its ability to loosen mucus and make it easier to expel. Eriodictyon californicum is believed to have pain relieving properties, which is why it was also used to manage rheumatic joint pain. 

Skin Benefits

Over the years, experts have found out that Eriodictyon californicum can have positive effects on the skin as well. Its calming properties can help reduce skin irritation and minimize redness, swelling, and itching. Its antibacterial properties, on the other hand, helps treat wounds, bruises, and sores and might even assist with reducing the signs of acne. 

Yerba santa contains flavones, which are a known antioxidant and can give your skin a much-needed boost. With its antioxidant effect, it can help repair any signs of skin damage while slowing down aging and keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Yerba Santa in Lantree Products

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It contains Eriodictyon californicum among other ingredients and is designed to help reduce the appearance of your pores, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production.

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  • May 02, 2017